Top 15 secrets that casinos don’t want you to know

Casinos are the places that are well-known for lending out money after the players start playing. Despite offering the constant, bonuses, payouts and jackpots, they still never run out of business. Have you ever wondered why?
House edge is one of the primary sources of their income, but apart from that, there are various secrets that the casino industry hides from their customers.

Well, of course, every industry and business has secrets that they do not want to expose to the world. In the same way, the casino industry also comprises of a few (or a lot) of secrets. In this article, we’ve jotted down 15 of those secrets, check them out!

Players being studied

This is especially true when you win significant amounts, time and again at the table or on any games on a casino floor.

The rooms

The roomsMost times, the hotel rooms aren’t full but left empty for the casino players to rest.
Psychology of sounds and lighting

The casino floors designed their ambience and interiors to divert the attention of the players.


Due to the higher rate of the house edge, almost every gambler hates to play keno.


Generally, they feel bad for losers. However, they’re not allowed to say it out loud. One of the significant ways by which you can keep the dealers under control is by tipping them regularly for them to root for your win.

Monitoring poker rooms

Monitoring poker roomsPoker rooms are generally not monitored as much as other sections of the ambience because the players are playing against one another.

Food and drinks

Most of the times, many players can find themselves winning bonus cards or free drinks or meals on the menu.
Secret eye

The security guards and the members in the ambience secretly have an eye on each player on the floor.

The warmth of the lighting

Like mentioned earlier lighting places a significant role in an ambience, and hence you cannot ignore how warm and

welcoming the illumination of the ambience makes the players feel.

No clocks

If you have ever witnessed a casino ambience, you often come across the fact that no clocks are hanging on the walls or none of the dealers wears watches on their hands.

Most games are better than the others.

The video poker reduces the house edge even though there is no guarantee of winning each time. The chance is of the game turning in your favour is highly likely.

Some are worse than others.

This is in contrast to the above point which rips you off your pocket some games like blackjack and poker offers house edge as low as 1.5% whereas the others like keno and crabs provide as high as thirty per cent.

Free classes

Some of the casinos around the world offer free classes to their regular customers and players to teach them how to play blackjack or poker and other games that have high popularity in the ambience.

Progressives slot jackpots

Majority of the progressives, slot jackpots do not payout regularly.
Edge over the house

Yes, without breaking any rules, it is possible to get an edge over the house, but it follows a lot of practice patience and tactics which can be taught in these free classes as well.

Every game comprises of a sucker bet.

This means every reaches a point where the bets are the worst, and the casinos are generally aware of this point.