The Functions of Casino Surveillance

The importance of security is well understood when you bring the term closer to a casino. Considering the kind of activities and the number of people present in a casino at the same, they do require surveillance, and it needs to be carried in the right manner. But how do casinos take things forward, and what are the methods that they employ? Well, the functions of casino surveillance explain it all, and you can understand the same by reading the following.

Monitoring the Casino Floor

Casino FloorOne among the most obvious functions of casino surveillance is to monitor the entire floor and keep an eye on things. This is known as the chief duty of a gaming surveillance officer, and they need to carry it forward at all costs. For this purpose, they utilize audio and video equipment that help them monitor gamblers, employees, and their actions. Since it helps one identify problems and other related aspects, this particular part of the job is quite important, and we all need to understand that.

Looking Out for Potential Cheaters

Cheaters are all around the corner, and casinos are well aware of their presence. Due to that, the aspect of surveillance is carried forward with the primary intention of identifying cheaters, which in turn is carried on the basis of identifying their methods. Be it chip dumping or dice sliding, there are several ways to take things forward, and the management will be looking for such players since they are never welcomed at any casino.

Security for Cashier’s Cage

Security for Cashier's CageApart from the floor, the cashier’s cage also requires security, and it is the job of surveillance to take things forward. In order to process the same, surveillance footage will be used, and perpetrators will be identified. While the process does sound simple, it revolves around different methods, and the task needs to be given utmost importance. Due to that, surveillance is not an easy job, and anyone coming forward thinking that it is easy is out of their mind.

Identifying Advantage Players

Advantage gamblers are certain players who hold an edge over the house in one or more games. Be it Blackjack or Roulette; these players understand the trick and do the job that matters to them. Due to that, casinos are not happy with these players, and they do have the right to refuse service. Thanks to that, the surveillance team will also be on the lookout for advantage players, and the moment they spot them, they might alert security to take them out of the premises.


From monitoring the casino floor to identifying advantage players, casino surveillance covers a lot of ground, and it is essential that they do so.