Casino Design: The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

Casinos are ambiences that are a testament for sophistication and lavishness. These magnetic places follow some great designs and architecture. Over time the traditional designs of a casino have changed drastically that today it is an epitome of modern-day architecture and contemporary designs that many of the world’s popular casinos have incorporated.

Anyone who has entered a casino before is aware of this lavishness and sophistication. The magnetic nature of such places is what attracts millions and millions of customers from across the globe every year.

These designs and ambiences are not done to attract the customers, but it’s a tactic to retain the old customers and enhance their mentality to spend more on the games.

We will provide a brief explanation of the sneaky tricks that are employed by the casinos to make you spend more amount of money while at their ambience.

Playing with chips

Playing with chipsBy chips, we mean the poker tokens or the credits or they’re also called the poker chips. We often come across casino ambience that makes use of these poker chips instead of dealing with real money. This especially happens in a game of cards or the game of poker. It is one of the main tricks that is followed by the casino’s to create an illusion of not losing money.

The colourful chips are often a misguided aspect to the people, which makes them think that they are winning more while they are losing their money. Hence, people that are playing poker or blackjack often tend to invest more money in each hand because they are not directly dealing with their cash.

The concept of placement

concept of placementHave you ever entered a casino and wondered why the slot machines are placed at the corners, and some are placed right at the entrance? While some video poker machines are placed next to the blackjack tables, the poker rooms are separately fashioned at the corner position in a casino. This is generally employed to create a maze-like pattern inside the ambience, to catch the players’ attention and prevent them from walking out quickly. For instance, if you’re bored with the slot machines present at the corner of the room and you decide to leave the ambience. But in the way you find a video poker machine or a blackjack table that looks interesting, then you’ll be called to play a game or two. This is the tactic that has followed by the casino ambience and 90% of the time players often fall prey to such tactics.

Illumination of the ambience

According to different studies that are conducted based on the lighting of an ambience in general, it affects the physiological decisions that are catered by the mind. The same physiology is applied in the casinos as well where the. Casinos put the utmost concentration in dimming the lights and creating a homely atmosphere so that the customers stick around for a longer duration of time and lose their money to the management.